Oct 28, 2011

Pelindung Pilihan Allah

say hello to dd's newborn baby boy, Haris Safeyullah Bin Mohd Khairi. 
yang bermaksud "Pelindung Pilihan Allah". 

PHOTO BY : Ezzan Yusop

Oct 24, 2011

baby's little feet

i'm going to bore you with a LOTTT of baby photos since i'm still over the moon with dd's newborn son. but i'm not going to post his face, yet (tungguuuu)....bagi tunjuk kaki je dulu. i don't know why i am always fascinated with the baby's feet. it's so tiny and cute. i could just die. since dd & kheri is still keeping his name as a secret (they decided to wait until the 7th day before announcing it to the world), i'm going to call him kheri jr. which was suggested by kheri himself though i wanted to call him johnny depp jr. heeee....

footnote : bestnya snap gambar baby.....

PHOTO BY : Ezzan Yusop

Oct 23, 2011

johnny depp jr

dd & kheri's little bundle of joy..

Oct 22, 2011

i am an aunt

i am so thrilled! my bff dd dudu had just delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday. that child is sooo going to be spoiled by me haha.

congrats dd & kheri on your new born baby boy! you guys will be a great parent, i just knew it...

auntie ezzan nak bagi nama boleh? entah kenapa dari dulu suka sangat nama Qayyum. dah coppp ek saya nak namakan anak saya Qayyum nanti. Cewahhh calon suami pun takdak lagi tetiba dah ada nama anak. kerlassss kan?